AfricaRaps Episode 44 [#HandleBarsEdition] is here

#AfricaRaps Episode 44 [#HandleBarsEdition] is here

#AfricaRaps Episode 44 [#HandleBarsEdition] is here

They say women are from Venus and men are from Mars, Opposites like Cars On a two way, Given a dope beat, they can Handle Bars. Thats wasup this week y’all, you aready know.

We got music by COP, D2S, gEO, Pompi, Bface, Maine, Blaze, L.V.E, Kenzi, Stone, Church, Dorris, G Blest, Ruyonga, Juliani, Jo-z Jay, Tony Boy, Tobi Toun, Book Worm, Dagg Mizzo, Costa Drillz, Russuniversal, Deejay Traffik, Courtney Antipas and Christian Academy. God Loves You and may God Bless.

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