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Day 39: RCCG 2018 fasting: (18th February) Prayer Points

RCCG 2018 fasting and Prayer Points for 2018 Day 39 (18th February)

(RCCG) fasting 2018 prayer points for day 39

Day 39: RCCG 2018 fasting: (18th February) Prayer Points: The Redeemed Christain Church Of God RCCG DAY 39: SUNDAY 18TH FEB 2018 – PRAYER FOR THE  NEGLECTED MINISTRIES You and I need the fire of the God, Pls lets pray to God, and its never too late!

• Intense praise and worship
• Thank God for a new day and for the salvation of your soul
• Father, help the church to make the right choices and reset our priorities. Luke 10:41
• Lord open the eyes of Christians to identify You in the prisoners and downtrodden. Matt. 25:30
• Oh Lord, set the heart of the church on aggressive prayers. Matt 15:21-28

• Father, my father, touch the lives of orphans and widows, provide for them. Prov. 15:25
• Father send help to the children of the needy missionaries
• Father; hear the prayers of the poor and the needy in our nations
• Father; hear the cry of your children in various refugees’ camps as a result of war and terrorism
• Father; save their destinies from being truncated by their misfortunes

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