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Endless Highway To Release New Album “Countless” March 20

Endless Highway To Release New Album “Countless” March 20

Endless Highway New Album “Countless” March 20 Cover

Vanessa and Jason Griggs and their children Jay and Allison of the gospel group Endless Highway take on the role of storytellers on their new album, Countless. With songs that paint a picture of life’s stories – the good and the bad – this collection is relatable, allowing for moments of reflection and hope. Countless, set to be released March 20.

With music that highlights a country sound, Countless shows Endless Highway’s ability to share an inspiring message that spans genres.

Countless begins with the upbeat, “Keep Looking Up,” a song of encouragement that reminds us to tune out the doubters, have faith and take risks. It’s followed by “Somebody’s World Changed Today,” a slower song that tells of life’s stories, from the joy of a new baby to the loss of a loved one at the grave. People will always have some dark days, and sensitivity to their situations can give them a peace that everything will be settled through the Lord and happy days will come again.

The first single and title track describes feeling down and as if life doesn’t truly make a difference on Earth. But when those moments set in, you can remember God won’t ever forget about you. Endless Highway sings, “You say I’m always on your mind / Oh, no there’ll never be a time / When you’ll forget about me / That’s how much you care about me / More than the tiny grains of sand / Setting on the shores of the sea / The thoughts you’re thinking about me / Are countless.”

Other tracks include “26 Cents,” a story of a young woman leaving home and how she can always remember her mother’s love and “Til They Came Home,” describing the collective concern of families who are separated by war from those they love.

As a collection, Countless maintains the gospel music tenets of trust, hope, and faith in the Lord, while expanding Endless Highway’s musical horizons with a country sound. With relatable stories of life’s trials, Countless will inspire and encourage.

Pre-order Countless HERE.

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