Poems: Dreams, Africa & Paradise By Jacob Christian Damilola

Poems: Dreams, Africa & Paradise By Jacob Christian Damilola

Check out this inspirational poems by Jacob Christian Damilola, this impressive masterpiece titled "Dreams" Paradise and Africa " Why not sit back relax and enjoy!


I wake up in the morning
Think big but not act big
It is unusual of us to do the right thing
At the right time,when we think big

Dreams are sheltered
Our hope are broken
Our effort to make life are baffled
But great people, they don't cry

They try to rebuild their dreams
Great people don't give up
They live up to the challenges
That life throws at them

Great people don't go through
They grow through the difficulties
That comes on their path
They try to start all over again

With great hope
With great determination
They start with great grift
That is why the reach is

The highest peaks of success
That most people only aspired for
Because no challenges, no success
Know challenges, know success

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Looking up to the sky
I find a home so beautiful
Somewhere called the paradise
The home of the righteous one

The place that belong to the holy angels
People that have good deeds
The beautiful home of the greatest
Who make everything within six days

The place where we find everything
The home of the true believer
Somewhere made for the greatest
A beautiful place to be

A home full of gold silver and diamond
A big home with a tiny road
It is only for those who have trust
The only hope of human being.


O Africa our help in ages past
Our hope for years to come
Our shelter and nature from the storming blast
And our beautiful home

Under the shadow of thy throne
Thy hero has dwelt secured
Sufficient in thine arms alone
And thy defence is secured

O Africa my Africa
Africa the home of the brave
Who fought for the freedom of thy nation
And died for the glory of thy brave

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