James Munor — Faithful God

James munor—Faithful God

James munor —Faithful God


James Munor has been in music for over two decades now and has sang in countless Churches, crusades with albums to his credit. He makes a come-back with a fresh anointed songs that are spirit lifting and anointed.
He releases this new single “Faithful God” from a heart of gratitude and worship. It’s a timely song that will inspire all who listen.
“Driving back home with my family after a wonderful Sunday morning service. I just kept hearing a song in my spirit. Then I thought and remembered the things I’ve been through and seeing how his hands brought me out of them all. then I knew it is just by the faithfulness of God. Even when we are unfaithful he remains faithful and committed to his word. From that time till now this song never left my spirit.” – James Munor
Listen and be inspired by this song

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