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Nigeria Fast rising art Ommoh Ge drops new debut Omni. This powerful gospel song is a declaration of God’s sovereignty and Awesomeness, and am sure you don't want to miss this single

Ommoh Ge new release "Omni" Mp3 is a must download worship song, one you'd be pleased to add to your Gospel Playlist. The song OMNI is inspired through the inspiration of God.

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Ommoh GE Lyrics


Omni Omni

Your voice sounds like thunder

You made the cloud your Chariot

Your eyes are flames of fire (2x)

[Solo 1]

Your face shines like the sun

unstoppable un-fightable unbeatable God

uncreated creator God

You have no predecessor nor successor

The youngest old man

You’re alpha and omega

You never lost a battle

Odogu akataka


[Solo 2]

Omni-parents God

Na you be the father of the whole world

Omni-potent God

Na you be the powerful God

Omni-presence God

You are everywhere at the same time

Omni-ficent God

You are unlimited in creative powers owowowowo

Omni-package God

You have the ability to re-package our lives


You give specific directions to your Children

Omni-bus-stop God

Na you they take us to our destination

Omni-strategist na you they give idea to Success


[Repeat Chorus]

Omni-competent God you are

You are God all by yourself self self self self

Omni-packaged God




Omni-competent God God

That is who you are.


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