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RCCG May 2018 Holy Ghost Service Sermon/Message/Prayer point By Pst. E.A Adeboye

RCCG May 2018 Holy Ghost Service Stronger Than Your Enemies 5 – Habitation of the Almighty

RCCG May 2018 Holy Ghost Service Sermon/Message/Prayer point By Pst. E.A Adeboye



DATE: 4TH MAY, 2018.

RCCG May 2018 Holy Ghost Service OPENING PRAYERS:

1. Lift your hands to the Most High God. Bless the Name of the Most High God. Worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords, our Saviour and Healer, Our Provider and Defender, the Unchangeable Changer. Magnify His Holy Names. Give Him all the Glory and Adorations as it is because of Him that you are still alive today.

2. Father this very evening do something special in my life. Let this night be very Special Night for me. Visit us and do something Great, Wonderful and Divine.


You are Worthy to be Praised (3ce)
My Redeemer
You are Worthy to be Praised.

Father, we bless your Name. Thank you for January, February, March, April and now thank you for May. Father, accept our Worship in Jesus Name. Tonight, in the life of everyone of us here and those connected online with us please Lord God Almighty, do something Special. Let tonight be a Night of Divine Visitation. Bless us like never before. At the end of it all, take all the Glory. In Jesus Name we pray.

Let somebody shout Halleluiah!

RCCG May 2018 Holy Ghost Service ANNOUNCEMENT:

1. By the Special Grace of God if Jesus Christ tarries, the theme for the June Holy Ghost Service is: STRONGER THAN YOUR ENEMIES – PART 6 (VICTORY THROUGH PRAISE).

2. Now, am going to ask you to join me for a very Special Prayer Session. Daddy was in Germany when the people around him noticed that he was unusually quiet. They enquired to know why and daddy told them that no father will lose 19 children in a day that won’t be quiet.

We heard the news that someone went and shot 19 people in a Church. By the special Grace of God, all Christians call me daddy and so if any of them died then such is my son or daughter. I will ask you to join me in prayers because unless these killings stop and stop immediately even Nigeria may not live, not just individuals but Nigeria as a nation herself.

A Bishop asked me sometimes ago if God had told me who will win the next election. Then daddy told him: sir am not even sure if there will be an election because unless these killings stop there will be no elections next year because no one will want to go out to vote when there are killings.

Daddy has seen wars at close quarters and there is nothing good about wars at all – it is a terrible thing. A Nation may be able to survive Civil war but not Spiritual war. That Nigeria will live, then these killings must stop. Let’s pray that Nigeria may live and so those of you who love Nigeria rise on your feet now and cry to God with all your heart: Father let all these killings stop so that Nigeria can live. Have Mercy upon Nigeria.

… In Jesus Name we have prayed…Amen!

RCCG May 2018 Holy Ghost Service Message MAIN BIBLE TEXT: 1 JOHN 4:4

Ye are of God, little children and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

You are the Habitation of the Almighty and that is why you are stronger than your enemies.


When the Almighty God is dwelling in you then you become a threat to your enemies and even to God Himself because you are a “Treasure”.

2 Corinthians 4:7 tell us concerning those of us who are Treasure that we have this treasure in earthen vessel. so that the Power we begin to demonstrate will be of God and not of us.

So when a fellow invites Jesus Christ into his/her life (born again) that fellow becomes a Treasure to God.

Zachariah 2:8 says that anyone who touches that fellow touches the “Apple of God” because the Almighty God is dwelling in such fellow. So God will protect His own.

Zachariah 2:5 says He said He will build a wall of fire around that person and be the person’s Glory because of the treasure He has in that fellow.

When you go to the houses in Mushin and Ajegunle (apologies to the residents there as of course I once lived there); you hardly see any house with walls built round it. Why you may ask? What is the thief coming to steal there. But if you go to IKOYI, VI or Lekki; many times you will wonder how many prisons we have in Lagos because you will see houses surrendered with huge walls and wires on their top because there are treasures in them.

If a man has only 2 pairs of shirts and trouble and a rickety bicycle – does he needs a body guard? Why do we surround our Presidents, VP and Governors with so much securities? It is because they are treasure to us.

When you are a child of God, then you are a Treasure because of what He has in us. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world so God will build wall of fires around you.

Joshua 10:6-11 tells us about the children of Israel fighting wars, how God rained bombs on their enemies because the Israelites, His children were His treasure. At the end of the war, those killed by God were more than the ones they killed themselves.

When you are a child of God the witches in your home will not be able to come near you. In Numbers 16: 24-33; when the people gathered against Moses, God simply asked the ground to open and consumed them.

Daddy decreed that if there are enemies around you right now the ground will open its mouth and swallowed them up.

But if you don’t have Jesus in you (not a child of God); then the enemies are free to do whatever they like with you because you are of no value at all.

Are you a child of God? Is God dwelling in you? Because if God is dwelling in you, then you will enjoy His Special Protection because you are you a “Treasure of God”. But if you are not then you are on your own as the enemies are free to do anyhow with you.

So if you are here and yet to give your life to Him, in your own interest, choose and ask Him to come into your life so that you can be treasured by Him all the days of your life. Daddy will count 1 to 15. Just ensure that you are in front of the altar before he finished counting

As you come cry to the Almighty God – Tell Him that you want Him to come and dwell in you. That He should save your soul, make you to be one of His children as you are ready to make your heart His abode.

Others should pray that the Lord will watch over their souls. Wash them clean and that they too will be accepted into the abode of God

DADDY PRAYS: Saviour, I want to say thank you for your Words. Thank you for these ones that have come to surrender their lives to you. Please remember your promise that you will not cast away those that come to you. They have come to you, please visit them, have mercy on them and save their souls. Let your blood washes away their sins. Write their names in the book of life and accept them into the family of God. From now on, every time they cry to you, answer them by fire. In Jesus Name we pray!


When God is seated on His throne in heaven, He is in absolute control of the whole universe because He says in Isaiah 66:1: The Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool.

When He stands, His enemies begins to scatter. In Psalms 68: 1-3, the Bible says: Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered.

When God begin to move, the earth begins to tremble as stated in Psalms 18 :6-7 – it tells us that when He hears distress calls of His own and gets up to act, the earth trembles and shakes.

When God is passing by He distributes Miracles like in Mark 10: 46-52 – when Jesus Christ was passing by, the blind Bartimaeus cried to Him and that very day, the blind man received his sight.

When God arrives at wherever He is going; there will be an earthquake. In Acts 16: 25-39 was the story of Paul and Silas while in Prison. They began to sing praises to God. God arose to pay them a visit and there was an earthquake. At the end of the day, it was the same enemies that was meant to keep them that became their servants and they had to beg them.

So just imagine what will happen when God comes into a place and He decides to stay put – saying this is where I will dwell.

That is why in Colossians 1:27, the bible says: “Christ in you the hope of Glory”.

So if God decides to dwells and resides permanently anywhere then His Glory is the result. When the Prince of Peace is reigning, there will be “No trouble”.

PRAYERS: Father, king of Glory come and dwell in me Permanently and make my life your home. I have open the doors of my hearts wide for you for I know that if you dwell in me, I will receive Glory.

Now if Jesus comes to dwell in you what does it really mean?

1. It means the Great Healer Himself has come to dwell in you.

When He passes by, He heals. In Mark 5: 25-34; was the story of the woman with the issue of blood. She was coming behind Jesus Christ, touched Him and was healed.

In John 9:1-7, when He was passing by and saw the man that was born blind; He simply gave the blind man 2 brand new eyes.

In Mark 2: 1-12; when the news spread that the Great Healer was around. A paralytic man was brought in (carried) by his friends. He healed the man and the one who was carried in walked back home himself.

It is not a question of coming once in a while but we are talking of “Permanent Resident” in a place; then the story becomes different.

RCCG May 2018 Holy Ghost Service PRAYER Point:

Father, thou the Lord that healeth; come and reside in me.

There are things doctors cannot do but you have the Great Healer – so you can overcome sickness and diseases.

2. Christ in you, it means you have a “Resident Protector”.

In Psalm 24: 7-10, He is called the Lord of Host and the Commander of the armies of heaven.

Read Revelations 13:14.

So you can imagine when Jesus Christ is dwelling in you, He does not come alone but comes with His Guards. In 2 Kings 6: 8-17; when an army came to arrest Elisha and the servant saw that they have been surrendered, cried to Elisha, Elisha prayed to God to open his eyes and he saw the Heavenly Horses and Invincible Body Guards with them.

So when you genuinely allowed God to protect you, He will not only protect you but He will extend His protections to those connected to you as well (your precious ones)

PRAYERS: Father, the Lord of Host come and abide in me. I know when you abide with me, all your body guards will be on hand to keep me and my love ones safe. I need you in my life and home particularly at these dangerous times.

3. If Christ dwell in you, it means you have a “Resident Life” in you.


1. The Lord says that there is someone here who came with a tremendous heat in your body but now the heat is gone.

2. The Lord says that there is a woman whom the doctors had told that her womb is dead but now it has received new life.

3. The Lord asked daddy to tell someone that inspite of the rocket resistance from your family members, you will be great.

Jesus Christ said in John 11: 25 – I am the Resurrection and the Life: he that believeth in me though he were dead, yet shall he live.

So if the Resurrection and Life is dwelling in you, death cannot knock at the door. If it knocks and the Resurrection and Life opens the door, death will just back off.
1 Kings 17: 17-24 was the story of the widow of Zarephath. When death came to steal her son, she handed it over to Elijah because he has a connection with the Resurrection and Life.

In 2 Kings 4: 18-37; it was the story of the shunamite woman. When the only Miracle child died, she sent for Elisha and the child came back to life.

But if Jesus Christ is dwelling in you, you need not fear death because the Resurrection and Life is already in you. When death comes, it has no option than to leave.

Daddy decreed that every one of you that they say you will die, you will not die rather you will live to do the works of God.

PRAYER: Father, the Resurrection and Life come and dwell in me. Make my heart your throne and reign in it so that I will not fear death again.

4. If Christ is living in you, it means you have “Resident Faith” – God’s kind of Faith because according to Hebrews 12:2; the bible says: He is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

You have faith beyond the ordinary. In Marks 9: 23; Jesus Christ said that if you can have Faith; all things are possible to them that believed.

In Marks 11: 22-23; Jesus Christ said that if you can have a kind of faith like God; then you can say to the mountain move and it will be moved. I need that kind of faith and you need that kind of faith too. The kind of faith that will cause God to move and that will compel God of act for you.

PRAYERS: Father, that kind of Faith that can move mountain, let it dwell in me…the kind of Faith that does not need everybody to be done. The Faith that gets results always and place me in the same category with God.

5. If Christ is dwelling in you, it means you have in you a “Resident Peace”.

Why? Because according to Isaiah 9:6 – Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace.

RCCG May 2018 Holy Ghost Service PROPHESIES:

1. Daddy says that there is someone here that you are down today but you will bounce back in a bigger way.

2. Daddy says that there is a pregnant woman here; just now the baby in your womb jumped because He will be my son. So take care of him.

3. Daddy said that there is someone here that I will yet use to shake the world for Jesus.

So if the Prince of Peace is dwelling in you, then you will have Peace – the kind of Peace the bible says passes all human understanding according to Philippians 4: 7.

It is the kind of Peace that allows you to sleep even when there is storm. In Marks 4: 35-41 Jesus Christ being the Prince of Peace Himself was sleeping in a boat and there was a storm. Everybody was worried but He was enjoying His sleep – He calms the storms. When the Prince of Peace is in you, you will enjoy Peace that passes human understanding.

Daddy prayed for you that the Peace of God that passes all human understanding will invade your heart from today in Jesus Name.

PRAYERS: Father, Prince of Peace come and dwell in me and stay put in my heart. Let me have your Peace that passes all human understanding so that for the rest of my life I can enjoy Peace no matter what is happening around me

Daddy says he hears a song and he believed that song is for somebody and the fellow is about to sing that song.

The song says:

I have joy like a river
Joy like a river (2ce)
in my soul
I have joy like a river
Joy like a river
In my soul

As long as the Greater One is in you, then you will be Stronger than your enemies. As long as He is dwelling in you, let them try they are the one to get tired.

Just like air is the Holy Spirit and so you cannot see it but you cannot deny its impact. For example an aircraft with all the loads it carries. whenever it want to flies does so at a terrific speed. Mathematically the imparts is enormous but the tyres will always carry the aircraft because of the air in it. So also as long as you have the Almighty God dwelling in you then you can overcome any enemy that comes your way.

How many Overcomers are here today? Let me hear you shout Halleluyah!

PRAYERS: Lord Almighty, come and dwell in me, family and business so that I will Overcome whatever the enemy might throw at me.


The All Sufficient God will grant your requests. He will dwell in your heart, marriage, home, families, churches and offices. And the strength that comes from within that only God can give, He will release it to you today. You will Overcome. Every attacks of the enemies will bounce back to the senders. All those who want you dead you will be the one to bury them. All those who want to keep you down, you will go Higher than them. Your Victory will be Total. Your Joy will Overflow. You will have Peace like a river. That kind of faith that gets anything form God, God will give you. You will have peace that passes all understanding. It shall be well with you and you will serve God to the very end. In Jesus Name we pray…Amen!

Now let someone shout Halleluiah.

Very very soon we will hear your Testimony and it will be very big.

We want to say thank you to God now. One of the ways of demonstrating to the enemies that you are stronger is the way you dance – dance Triumphantly. Let your enemies know that it does not matter what he is doing, the Purpose of God for your life will be fulfilled. So dance to the nearest basket now to drop your offerings.

RCCG May 2018 Holy Ghost Service CLOSING PRAYERS

In the Name that is above all names, you will have Permanent Victory over poverty. You will never lack. Your children will never lack. Your grand children will never lack. Lack will become a stranger to your family. Physically you will not lack. Spiritually you will not lack.

For the rest of your life, you will have Peace like a river. Wherever you go, God will go with you.

In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed…Amen!

Let someone who got the biggest Miracle tonight shout the biggest Hallelujah… Halleluyah!!!

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