Zimuzor – Chukwu Okike

Zimuzor – Chukwu Okike Mp3

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Zimuzor new release “Chukwu Okike” which means God of Creation is yet another inspirational worship song from the Abuja base fast-rising artists a passionate singer & lover of God, and also an entrepreneur.

“Chukwu Okike” coming from Zimuzor is a gospel song that expresses how beautiful and great our God is, how He has been so faithful, good and just.

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Zimuzor lyrics

“Chukwu Okike”

Chukwu Okike
God of Creation
Chukwu mara mma
So beautiful
Chukwu Okike
There is no one like you
Father you are so great
Yes… I thank you Lord

Solo 1
I woke up this morning
With joy in my heart
I thought of all your goodness, mercies and your love
I cannot help but say
You are beautiful for all situation
And that is why I call you
Chukwu Okike.
(Repeat Chorus)

Pillar that holds the world
Great I am you are
An awesome God you are
Chukwu Okike
Prince of peace you are
Holy God you are
Yes.. and that is why I call you
Chukwu okike
(Repeat solo2)
(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. This is simple and just playing it ones I caught something so powerful. She expressed the love and power of God so simple. Chukwu okike


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