Nathaniel Bassey ‘Hallelujah Challenge 2018’ for 14 DAYS

Nathaniel Bassey ‘#HallelujahChallenge2018’ for #14DAYS

All hands of deck for the commencement of this Year most anticipated prayer moment with Nathaniel Bassey and am sure you don't want to miss it.

Speaking on this year 2018 Halleluyah Challenge, Bassey admonishes all Christians and believers to pray along, Here's what he has to say

“Watch out for the date anytime from now till August. we shall PRAISE IN A HALLELUJAH sty/e. Mid nights. Nigerian Time: 12am-1am. Live on Instagram & Facebook“. – Bassey.

“Note: We shall Pray in the Spirit/Tongues for 7 days before the HC which would last for 14days – At least one hour every day”.

JOHN 11:1-44
Acts 16:25-26
Dan 3:16-28

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