Prayer Points/Prophecies from RCCG Holy Ghost Convention 2020, Theme "Wonderful"

Prayer points from rccg holy ghost convention 2020

Glory to God for tonight below are the prayers points and prophecies from RCCG 68th holy ghost convention services 2020 with the theme wonderful Stay blessed

Prayer Points from RCCG Holy Ghost Convention 2020 wonderful

1. Praise God for this unique convention

2. Father let your greatness begins to manifest thru me mightily

3. Father, like you did for Solomon, let your Love for me set me up for uncommon breakthrough

4. Father, just have mercy on me, my family, your church and my nation, and put am end to this virus

5. Father, let your Glory flood my body, my soul, my spirit and my life, remove every thing that can cause shame far from me and my family

6. Father, in the name of Jesus, every knees against me, must bow tonight

7. Father, let the blood of Jesus speak for me, and give me victory over all forces of darkness

8. Father, don't let me ever know your anger

9. Father, please grant the request of all my neighbors

10. Father, make me a great vessel unto honor in your hands

11.father pls use me to perform wonders for you

12. Pray for your Personal request and pray for daddy G.O


1. The Almighty God says, as a result of this convention, I will increase laughter in many of your homes.

2. God says, quite a few business will not survived this lockdown, but yours will wax stronger

3. Before this lockdown is over, the siege over your destiny will be over

4. For ministers, your Will begin to see traces of your fathers anointing in your ministrations

5. The doors of opportunities running up and down that you did not see will be made manifest to you

6. You are already great, but you will become much greater

7. For someone, someone promises to fight you to the end, don't worry you will win

8. There's a particular family, every member of your families will receive a miracle

9. Before this convention is over, the meaning of the word wonderful will come out of your mouth

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